Precision Haircut (men and woman) $115


Bang trim: $25 


Blow Dry/Flat Iron: $85 and up


Deep Conditioning Treatment: $35 and up


Double-strand twist/Twist-out:  $95 and up


Up-do:  $150 and up

Virgin Relaxer: $200 and up


Relaxer Re-touch: $100 and up

Keratin Treatment: $300 and up

Wedding Style: By consultation only

Extensions: By consultation only



Every great cut and style starts with the consultation. To better service you, this 'getting to know you and your hair' phase is an important first step. During the consultation, I will help you to achieve your desired style both in the salon and at home. 


First, I will review your ideal hair style. Then based on your lifestyle and my assessment of such factors as the condition of your hair, texture of your hair and facial shape and structure; I will come up with a style that is both flattering and tailored for you.




While wet, I usually cut the outline of your hair (this largely depends on the texture). Once the hair is dry, I evaluate how it falls and lays against your head. This helps me determine how I will execute the detailing. While the hair is dry I am able to add texture and volume if necessary and add the finishing touches to achieve your desired style. Lastly,  I'll give you tips for how to easily duplicate this same hairstyle at home.


I understand that the average person has a pretty busy schedule, so the last thing you want to do in the morning is spend a lot of time with your hair. My goal is to help you achieve a hairstyle that fits your lifestyle.


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